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Natural History

Competition Date

 2nd November 2017

Entry Closing Date  19th October 2017
Maximum Entry Up to 4  (max 2 digital images and max 2 prints) Please number entries with regard to priority, in case the number needs to be reduced

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  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Solitude - Hazel Lane Summer Meadow - Fay Venables Female Nose-Horned Viper - Tim Hutchin
2nd Very Yellow - Hazel Lane Arctic Tern with Chicks - Fay Venables Diving Sperm Whale - Mick Schilling
3rd Cayman Lizard - Barbara Milner   Spotted Hyena with Cubs - Sue Pearmain
Highly commended Fungi - John Leighton  

American Brown Pelican - Jane Roby

Grasshopper - Phil Moorhouse

Commended Chameleon - Barbara Milner  

Grizzly Bear Cubs - Jane Storer

Fighting Guillemots - Christine Mallett

Hooded Vulture Scavenging - Sue Pearmain


  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st White Backed Vulture - Myles Ensor Meerkat - Martin Thompson Mating Blue Tailed Damselflies, with Parasitic Mites - Mick Schilling
2nd Bee on Heuchera - Aileen Nock Red Admiral - Fay Venables Walrus Portrait  Christine Mallett
3rd Portrait of an Elephant - Myles Ensor Pink and Yellow Stamen - Phil Leighton Spurge Hawkmoth Caterpillar - Tim Hutchin
Highly commended Frost on Cow Parsley - Aileen Nock

Puffin with Sand Eels - Fay Venables

Lilac Breasted Roller - Patrick Reynolds

Desert Elephant with very young Calf - Sue Pearmain

Puffin with Sand Eels - Mick Schilling


Where's my Food - Hazel Lane

Pristine - Hazel Lane

Juvenile Herring Gull - Helen Edkins

Mother Swan with Cygnets - Helen Edkins

Frogs - Dave Venables

Sparrow on Muck Heap - Graham Walton

Another creation by Black Rabbit Creations