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Natural History

Competition Date

 2nd November 2017

Entry Closing Date  19th October 2017
Maximum Entry Up to 4  (max 2 digital images and max 2 prints) Please number entries with regard to priority, in case the number needs to be reduced

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  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Greater Yellow-legged Sandpiper - Hazel Lane  Avocets - Margaret Biggs Protective Mother Walrus - Christine Mallett
2nd  Antelope Canyon - Alex Schilling  Adult Starling - Dave Ward Great Crested Grebes - David Buckles

Holly Blue - Aileen Nock

Snowy Owl - Alex Schilling

 Family of Mute Swans - Phil Moorhouse Flighty Common Zebra at Waterhole - Sue Pearmain
Highly commended  

7 Spot Ladybird in Bluebells - Mick Schilling

White Tailed Eagle - Ron Ashton

Rea bird- Chanardaye Walton

Desert Elephant reaching for fruit - Sue Pearmian


Bulls on the bank of the Petit Rhone, Camargue - Heather Thompson

Canada Goose - Phil Moorhouse

Elephant Cow and Calf - Chanardaye Walton


  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st  Robin Redbreast - Georgina Foxwell  Otter - Fay Venables  Porcelain fungi - David Buckles
2nd  Web on Blackberries - Aileen Nock Great Crested Grebe with chick - Dave Ward  Nuthatch - Graham Walton
3rd  Alder Catkins - Aileen Nock  Flamingo Portrait - Martin Thompson Australian Silver Gull, looking to land - Jane Roby
Highly commended Grey squirrel - Barbara Milner

Seashell - Phil Moorhouse

Garden Spiders about  to mate - Mick Schilling

Barbery Ape- Roy Buckle

Cormorant drying- Dave Venables


Bee orchid- Ray Manning

Four spotted chaser - Mick Schilling

Indian Wild Boar with Chitall - Christine Mallett

Australian Black Swans- Jane Roby

Another creation by Black Rabbit Creations