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Bromsgrove PSE


Exhibition Date Saturday November 19th 2011
Exhibition Venue Stoke Heath Community Arts Centre, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove
Selectors General (Prints and projected) Peter Cheetham APAGB, Alex (Sandy) Cleland ARPS AFIAP, Dave Coats ARPS MPAGB AFIAP/S
Natural History (prints and projected) Alex (Sandy) Cleland ARPS, AFIAP, Dave Coats ARPS MPAGB AFIAP/S, Colin Smith ARPS >
Exhibition Type National (PAGB)
Entry Closing Date 29th September 2011 at club
Entry description Monochrome Prints Colour Prints, Natural History Prints, Monochrome Digital General Digital, Natural History Digital Max entry 4 per class
Cost £6.00 for first class entered £4.50 per class thereafter

Acceptances 2010

Donald Mallett 1 Nature Print (Bronze Medal) 1 General Digital
Norman Prue 1 Nature Print
Susan Pearmain 2 Nature prints, 1 General Digital
Roy Buckle 1 Nature Digital
Tim Hutchin 2 Nature Digital (1 Commended)
David Venables 1 General Digital

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